300 mg/h Small Spa Ozone Generator

The 300 mg/h Small Spa Ozone Generator introduces ozone into a warm water environment. We recommend running the Aquatic on a 6hr/day ozone cycle in accordance to your hot tub pump timer.


Product Benefits

  • Provides a superior swimming experience: no eye irritation, itchy skin, or hair damage from chlorine
  • Kills bacteria faster than chlorine
  • Uses fewer chemicals to produce a cleaner Spa or Hot Tub

Product Details

Electric: 220 or 110 VAC
Model # Aquatic 
Ozone Output: 300 mg/hr
Amperage: 1A
Power: 9 W
Size: 189x128x80 mm
Cable: 5.5 ft
Check Valve: 1/4 inch
Unit Weight: 2.1 pounds
Connection: AMP Model



Product Features

  • Universal plug type - can be wired for 110V and 240V
  • Pre-assembled and ready to install
  • Comes with 5 feet of tubing, 4 hose ties, 2 screws and plastic anchor for mounting
  • Uses venturi injectors

Detailed Images


  • Hot Tubs
  • Spas


How BWT's Aquatic Works:

BWT Ozone Generators produce ozone gas which is introduced to spa water through suction created by the spa injector. Tubing is used to connect the ozone generator to an injector. The injector acts similarly to a vacuum, and pulls the ozone gas out of the Aquatic and into the water.

 1/2 inch venturi injector

Venturi Injector Method

BWT Ozone also manufactures our own venturi injectors ranging in size from 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inch in diameter. You will need to choose the correct size venturi for your hot tub to plumb into. Injectors are sold separately.


Quick Installation and Start-Up!

The Aquatic is pre-assembled and ready to install. User manual, check valve, 5 feet of tubing, four hose ties and two screws and plastic anchor for mounting are all included in the Aquatic package.


Aquatic features a universal plug-type

The Aquatic features a universal plug-type meaning that it can be wired one way for 110v and another for 240v. The user manual provides a complete wiring diagram and instructions.


Enjoy crystal clear water with easy maintenance!

BWT Ozone recommends running the Aquatic on a 6hr/day ozone cycle in accordance to your hot tub pump timer. The following shows anticipated longevity of the Aquatic in accordance to daily run-times: 2hr/day= 3 years 3hr/day=2 years 6hr/day= 1 year Individual pump times may vary according to user preference.

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