SP-8 Swimming Pool Ozone Generator

The SP series feature units designed specifically for swimming pool or large water treatment applications. These units are designed with higher ozone outputs that correspond to the amount of water being treated. Our SP-8 model outputs 8 g/h and is ideal for water applications (or pools) up to 100,000 gallons or 380,000 liters.


Product Benefits

  • Provides a superior swimming experience: no eye irritation, itchy skin, or hair damage from chlorine
  • Kills bacteria faster than chlorine
  • Uses fewer chemicals to produce a cleaner pool

Product Details

Voltage: 110V / 220V
Model # SP-8
Ozone Output: 8 g/hr
Concentration: Oxygen generator: 25-45 g/m3 Air: 5-15 g/m3
Power: 110 W
Size: 12x8x14.3 inches
Cooling System: Air Cooled
Gas feed: oxygen or clean dry air
Unit Weight: 16 pounds



Product Features

  • Air-cooled
  • LED Status indicators for power and ozone outlet
  • Amp meter
  • Variable Ozone Output (10%-100%)
  • Durable frame and enclosure
  • Teflon for Ooutlet
  • Stainless Steel fittings

Detailed Images


  • Swimming pools 100,000 gallons or 380,000 liters 
  • Other water applications

 If you are tired of itchy, irritated eyes and skin from chlorine and chemicals-then it is time to try OZONE! Ozone is faster than chlorine at killing bacteria because chlorine needs to diffuse through the cell wall and disrupt bacteria metabolism. Ozone, however, rips open the cell wall from the outside, causing the cells contents to fall apart. This process is called cell lysing. With Ozone, after destruction of the cell, all that is left is carbon dioxide, cell debris and water. As the ozone oxidizes material, it gets used up. Once it has done its job or oxidation, ozone reverts back oxygen (O2). This additional oxygen in the water makes it taste good, smell good, and gives it a sparkle. There are no toxic or hazardous byproducts!