A7K is a high concentraion ozone generator, to remove odors, viruses and mold from the air.

The 7g/h Air Ozone Generator is an effective odor remover; It is a powerful shock treatment application. Please use caution to remove all pets, people, or plants from the room while in use.

With this unit the ozone concentration can reach 2 ppm in 1 hour in a 100 square foot room. 

There is double plates inside the unit, so the ozone output is 3.5g/h or 7g/h. If the environment is not too bad, you can choose only 1 plate runs and set the timer to 30 mins. You need to make sure the room is sealed completely. 

The model is also with remote control. We are sure you will like it...

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 This portable model 3688 can also take oxygen for pure concentrated ozone!

The 3688 purifier can be used for water applications. Some everyday uses can range from: purifying your drinking water at home, cleaning meats, fruits, and vegetables, bathing. 

Special Features:

  • Functional timer with 18 settings for different applications
  • Two 36" flexible tubes for ozonating
  • One fine white diffuser stone 
  • One coarse grey diffuser stone
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wall-Mountable
  • One-year warranty.
 Typical Applications:
  • Water purification with use of filter (drinking water by glass or gallon, bathwater, small pools, etc.)
  • Treatment of Fruits and vegetables
  • Dental hygiene
  • General disinfectant
Technical Specifications:

Model:  3688
Power: 220/240 VAC 50/60 hz (16 W)
Ozone output: 800mg/ozone per hour
Weight: 2.0 lbs/0.9kg
Dimensions:  6.4 L x 3.5w x 7.7H

Parts Included:

1. Ozone machine
2. Operating manual
3. Two sets of long tubes for ozonation (36 inches long each)
4. Two short spare tubes for internal replacement if needed, 1.75" and 2.75"
5. Two fine white diffuser stones 
6. Coarse grey diffuser stone
7. Spare Fuse  



An ozone generator designed for air; mold and mildew treatment.

Ozone Generators used for water, air, and oil.

Ozone Generators meant for swimming pool use.

Ozone Generators used for spas and hot tubs

Ozone Accessories

Various replacement parts for ozone generators.

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